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Micro Loans With Bad Credit

Microloans with Bad Credit

Bad Credit Microloans

Having bad credit means being rejected for loans and if you manage to secure a loan, you are likely to pay very high rates which can be demoralizing especially when borrowing to start a business.

Microloans have given individuals with poor credit an avenue to redeem themselves, as the micro lenders do not rely on credit ratings compared to the banks and other financial institutions.



Pros of Bad Credit Microloans

  • Re-establishing credibility: Getting a microloan with bad credit is a great way to start rebuilding your credit. Borrowing and repaying the microloans, will improve your credit rating as micro lenders report your progress to credit bureaus. With utter discipline and patience, you will be able to reclaim an excellent credit rating which could give you access to bigger loans.

  • Fair rates: unlike the banks and other lenders, the microloan providers do not charge unreasonably high-interest rates to clients with bad credit.

  • Free training for a start-up business: most microloan providers have training requirements which you must meet before obtaining a microloan.

Cons of Bad Credit Micro Loans

  • Limited funds: a person with bad credit is risky, even for micro lenders; for this reason, you are likely to be given small amounts of cash as the first loan.

  • Defaulting: in case you are unable to repay the loan, your credit rating will fall from bad to worse; which will affect you negatively in future.

How To Micro Loans in New Zealand

Micro Loans with Bad Credit

How to Increase your Chances of Getting a Microloan with Bad Credit

  • Personal references: having a personal reference will give the micro lender confidence to loan you cash; as they have someone to follow up with, in case you forfeit the loan.

  • Collateral: having an asset to put up as security against a loan will enable you to secure more funds depending on the value of your collateral.

“Microloans With Bad Credit”

Having bad credit is not permanent, it is something you can improve with time. However, you need discipline and determination to reclaim your credit-worth.
Sandra Files
Mirco Loans Researcher